Lavandi Talent is about simplicity and transparency.

We’ve had lots of experience in recruitment and with this in mind, we want to simplify all of this to give our clients and candidates a much more stream lined and hopefully an enjoyable recruitment experience!

We’re transparent and honest – We’re not going to send you a 14 page term document with lots of terminology to enable us to charge you extra at the end of the process. We’ve made our terms very simplistic and straight forward.

We’ve got set terms of business with 3 options – We’re firm believers that our clients should all be given the same options and level of service. We’re not out to get you on the highest terms possible and will never priortise because of how much you’re paying.

We want to form partnerships with our clients – Our service will never be about taking your money and moving onto the next client. It’s about us being your recruitment partner and having an indepth understanding of your business, values and recruitment needs and working closely with you on these. We want you to come back to us time after time. Our reputation means a lot to us.

We’ll always have a fun and friendly approach – That’s the kind of people we are and Lavandi Talent will be built on these foundations. We want to take the stress and strain out of recruitment for you and hopefully make it a more enjoyable experience. You’re probably thinking how?! But we’re sure we can.



Gary Laverty

Gary Laverty

Co-Founder and Director

Every now and then, you get to meet someone who is a true inspiration and a catalyst for something positive in life. For me, meeting those people encouraged me to launch Lavandi Talent. Let me explain...

I am from a small town called Ballymoney on the North coast of Northern Ireland. I am the eldest of 6 brothers and sisters. I went to Dalriada Grammar school and after my A levels there, I moved to Belfast for a few years before moving to Leeds to complete a Business Degree at University.

My goal has always been to set up and run a successful business. This has been a dream of mine since studying Business Management, Marketing and Accountancy at Leeds Trinity University. 

After University I went straight into the world of recruitment. I had a very successful first few years winning newcomer of the year in the first year, then going on to break company records and to win consultant of the year in my second  year. In my third year I moved to another business, hired by my then manager Andy Banks. My role there was to set up and manage a beauty and personal care team and in my first year I successfully smashed my first year target, before bringing on two new consultants to manage.

So, how did I get from there to where I am now with Lavandi Talent? 

2019 was an incredibly difficult year. Early in the year one of my closest and greatest friends took their own life. This person had introduced me to my first ever recruitment job, he was my trainer in my first recruitment role and became a massive part of my life and someone I loved very much. We stayed the very best of friends, speaking every week up until the week he took his life. I still miss Steve very much.

Andy, who was not only another of my best friends, but also my Manager at the time I got the call with the news. He was the first person I confided in when my friend Steve took his life. Andy has had his own personal experiences having lost his brother to suicide, so he was patient and a real guiding light at an incredibly difficult time! He has been my greatest friend ever since then and he has taught me so much about an industry we both love.

Andy and I had made the decision to make 2020 a better year and start a business together and Lavandi Talent was launched. A specialist recruitment agency for the FMCG, Beauty/Cosmetics, Personal Care, Wellness and Ingredients industries focused on recruiting permanent and interim talent. 

I am very excited to have set up Lavandi Talent with one of my best friends, and I am very optimistic for our future. I am looking forward to taking all of the skills I have been taught by both Steve and Andy and using them to create what I hope will be a successful and enjoyable venture.

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Andy Banks

Andy Banks

Co-Founder and Director

Excuse the rather stern looking photo, I've never been a photgenic one! I’m originally from Stoke-on-Trent, known as ‘The Potteries’ and most well-known for its famous pottery producing past. I'm the middle one of three brothers so my poor Mum had her hands full! Having started my career in insurance and banking, I felt I needed more academic qualifications behind me, so I took the big decision in going to university full time to gain a degree in Film, Television & Radio. People often ask me about questions about my favourite films and actors and I’ve honestly not watched that many films so they’re surprised when I can only really name a couple!

I entered the world of recruitment around 10 years ago and have covered a range of different sectors in this time including exec search, sales, supply chain, telecoms and more recently beauty, cosmetics, wellness and ingredients. This is where I developed a big passion for the sector, a lot more so than any other sector I’ve covered. My last role was heading the Manchester office of my former employer covering FMCG, Beauty/Cosmetics, Personal Care, Wellness, Food & ingredients. The next move for me would be to follow my dream and set up my very own business.

It’s surprising how people come into your life at different times and as if for a reason. Gary was taken on to head up the beauty and cosmetics division and did an amazing job of this. I’m glad I was able to help him through his difficult times. I lost my brother to suicide so I could completely relate to what he was going through. We naturally formed a close bond after this and have been very close friends ever since. I couldn’t think of a better friend and consultant to take the dream forward. We’re very fortunate and so excited to have launched Lavandi Talent! We’ve got lots of plans for the business and I know we can make a real success of this. I guess it’s a mixture of fate and circumstances that made this happen and we’re going to take the opportunity and give it everything we’ve got to make it a big success!

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